What Microfunds Do


Help Ventures Raise Capital

Micro Venture Funds is a crowd funding site and platform that allows new and existing ventures to raise funding capital from the general public that are looking for business ventures to invest in in exchange of an equity interest in the venture.

Micro Funds help ventures that are either a startup planning to lunch, startup already in existence as well as small businesses that are already operating in the market place to raise capital at any level of development or establishment stage and for any use of fund purposes to meet their business venture needs


Bring Prospect Investors Great Deal

Micro Venture Funds help to connect ventures looking for funds with crowdfunding private investors looking for ventures to invest in and becoming be part of the ventures as an equity investor with equity interest ownership in the company.

We provide the opportunities that will allow a prospective investor, to contribute a small and affordable amount to a company of their interest that is looking to raise capital from small amount none accredited to a large amount accredited investors.


Create Market Place for Ventures

Our emporium business partner business center allows business venture to create a business venture page, a business center and a business center market place, that allow business venture, to promote their business venture; display and market their products and service to wide marketing audience in the marketplace as well as to variety of crowdfunding investors that not only like to invest in the business venture they like, but also support the business venture by becoming a customer as well!