Business Venture Seeking Funding

Micro Funds is a crowdfunding platform for new business ventures to establish and for existing business ventures to grow and expand their existing business operation. The capital uses of these business ventures and established businesses are diverse, just as these businesses are diverse according to the nature/type of businesses and the products and services they provide in their marketplace.

Business Ventures of all types at various stages can use the Micro Funds platform to raise the capital they need by completing Micro funds venture seeking funding application form. The application form will allow a business venture seeking funding to provide information about their venture(s), their team, the fund needed, and other information important to prospective investors.

A business venture that is approved after a rigorous examining of required business documentations provided and essential venture required information are approved to use Micro Funds platform to raise crowd venture capital, will be provided an account with account access credential that will allow them to set up a crowdfunding campaign page with tools to manage the crowd funding campaign they have set up or created.


Business ventures using Micro Funds platform to raise venture capital are generally responsible to create a marketing campaign with initiatives that will bring awareness of their funding campaign activities to the general public so the public that are interested in their venture can support them by investing through the investment campaign page.


Micro Funds Investors Seeking Equity

Micro Funds crowdfunding platform allow or provide the opportunity for business ventures that are seeking capital, to raise their capital needs from wide variety of public investors are considered accredited and non-accredited investors.

Micro funds platform allows investors of all type, from individual investors to institutions investors to invest in variety of available business ventures that are of variety of business sectors, sizes and different level of stages of development that included startup that are in their launching stage, business ventures in their growth stage and others that are already established as each of these have different use of fund reasons and are looking for crowdfunding capital to meet their use of fund needs.

All investors that are investing in business venture capital campaigns are considered equity investors. Micro funds platform, allows crowd investors to invest in a business venture capital needs funding campaign and by doing so, they are able to own some equity percentage of the business venture and the amount of the percentage owned is based on the amount of investment that the investor made to the overall funding needs that the business venture is seeking.

Micro Funds Investors Requirement

All investors will be required to open an accounting by first completing the investors application form after which the application will be reviewed and upon being approved, the approved investors account will be opened and account access credential will be provided to the investors.

Investors will use their account credential to login into their account, edit their account and through their account be able to find, learn about and invest in venture(s) they are interested in.

Investors also use their account to manage their investment or the investment they have made or making in the ventures of their interest.

Micro Funds Accounts Management

Micro funds platform helps manage engagement relations between venture seeking funds and the crowd invested that are interested in investing in these ventures for an equity ownership interest in exchange for their investment.

Micro funds help manage these relationships through the account setups that each party can access with the accessing credentials that allows them to login into their accounts.

Venture Seeking Funding Account Management

Venture seeking funds can log into their account to see investors details that have invested in their venture campaign, the amount they have invested in the campaign and the equivalent equity related to the amount of investment made and vesture in return will provide investors.

Crowdfunding Investors Accounts Management

Crowdfunding investors are able to access their investors account with the account login credential they have been provided and be able to: